Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black.Starr&Frost event!

Recently, we were invited to Black.Starr & Frost Jewelry to display some of the McLaren product! We had over 20+ scheduled test drives and we brought plenty of MP4's to take out around the block!

Live music keeping the vibes high!

Enjoying drinks and cigars on the back patio facing the water!

Beautiful pieces on display

And let the test drives begin! We had on site 4 of our salesmen ready to take our guests out for a spin. After a 5 minute briefing, the drivers jumped in and set off for a test drive. 

Nick Jones explaining more about the new McLaren MP4-12C

Mike Pedace going for a test drive, explaining how the vehicle operates.

And they're off with nothing but smiles on their faces!

Stay tuned for more events from McLaren Newport Beach! We have much more to come. 

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