Wednesday, July 11, 2012

McLaren Newport Beach - Chrome 12C

It is no secret that Orange County California is home to some of the most unique vehicles, & elaborate car collections in the world.  Just take a cruise down Pacific Coast Highway and you will see brightly colored V8, V10, & V12 exotic vehicles carving up the coast line. McLaren is one of the most successful racing companies in the entire world.  The British company has claimed more titles in all corners of racing than any other company in the history of racing.  The “Racing Orange” color was made famous in the 1960’s with success in the CanAm series, followed by multiple wins in Formula 1, Indy, & 24 Hours du LeMans.   The guys at McLaren Newport Beach are all avid Formula 1 racing fans, so when the idea came across the table to make a 12C look like McLaren’s famed MP4-27 Formula 1 race car, creativity started to fly! 

You can view much more information about the Chrome 12C by clicking the link below!

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